Pre & Post Death Wealth Preservation

Wealth Management Pre & Post Death

Independent Financial Advice encompasses the preservation as well as the creation of wealth. Wills & Trusts play a major role in helping our clients to preserve their wealth during and beyond their own lifetime.

With careful planning, you can avoid Inheritance Tax (IHT) without necessarily losing total control over your whole estate. On the contrary, there are a number of products and Trust arrangements that enable you to retain income and in some cases, access to capital.  Wealth Preservation Trusts and Discounted Gift Trusts are both exciting and useful tools to help mitigate IHT.

Many people simply allow their estate to pass entirely to their children, boosting their estates and making them more liable to paying Inheritance Tax. Discretionary Trusts can preserve the wealth, with an option for children to draw down the capital, but alternatively your children may want to pass some or all of the money to their children or grandchildren, thus by-passing their own estates.

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