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Our Independent Financial Advisers help clients optimise the growth of their pension retirement funds during their working life and throughout retirement.

Many clients have numerous pension plans and require impartial, independent financial advice to understand and manage them effectively. We are usually able to consolidate several pension plans into one manageable plan and we can usually arrange for the funds to be actively managed under a Discretionary Managed Portfolio Service (DMPS) through our partner companies such as Marketstar Investment Management.  Our clients benefit from Dynamic Asset Allocation strategies whilst still achieving diversification between the main asset classes and numerous investment houses. See our ‘Investments & Wealth Management‘ section for more details.

Although this can help to build a greater pension fund over time, our clients still face the current myriad of retirement options from numerous types of Annuities through to Income Drawdown.  Independent financial advice is imperative to assess the most appropriate option for each individual approaching retirement.

Our independent financial advisers are skilled at not only sourcing the most appropriate option for each client, but also in helping them to understand what can be very technical products.

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